Delta 8 Moon Rocks, Everything You Need to Know

Bunch of Delta 8 Moon Rocks nugs

What are delta 8 moon rocks?

Moon Rocks are fat sticky hemp buds from the cannabis plant that we marinate in delta 8 thc oil and roll in cannabinoid rich kief (the leftover trichomes you see at the bottom of your grinder after months of use which come from the beautiful sticky crystals on the outside of hemp). This process makes Delta 8 moon rocks, one of the ultimate legal ways to get high. You will be pleasantly surprised at what these bad boys do. They’re perfect for rolling joints to keep in your stash of delta 8 pre rolls so they’re ready to bless you with their sweet baby jesus goodness anywhere any time. Making moon rocks product is not easy, but the work is well worth these kief encased blessings.

Will Delta 8 Moon Rocks Get Me High?

Yes Delta 8 Moon Rocks will get you high. The euphoric feeling is very similar to when you smoke regular marijuana accept these are federally legal. The best delta 8 moon rocks for getting high are coden moon rocks which you can purchase here. Every d8 item coden manufactures is checked and tested by our in house connoisseurs aka our employees. They may be a bit bias, but we order product from 3chi, Exhale Wellness, Hometown Hero and others every month to do quality test comparisons. Our coden connoisseurs sometimes get so high they think they’re on episodes of Rick and Morty. I’ve seen them smoke so much moon rocks that I thought they were Rick and Morty, second hand smoke is no joke. Because practice makes perfect, the coden fam has lungs built for this stuff which is why if it doesn’t pass the top shelf coden family test, we aint selling it. We ensure no one’s beating our quality in the delta 8 game

The Strongest Delta 8 THC Flower are Moon Rocks and Asteroids

Coden moon rock contains around 37% delta 8 THC which is generally the highest delta 8 content for flower. Moon Rocks are geared toward experienced marijuana useres looking for a legal way to get high were regular cannabis is harder to find. If you’re looking for a stronger delta 8 flower and generally require more THC for relief, you should definitely try smoking Delta 8 moon rocks. The kief infused flowers, appear as if they were stitched together buds tasting sticky and sweet, with a light chocolate coffee aroma that includes faint notes of fuel, skunk and spice after inhaling. When you crack open these moon rock nugs, you’ll feel like you cracked open a little sticky treasure chest of goodness. Its taste is an earthy and fruit-like combination more closely associated with cannabis. Delta 8 Moon Rock produces intense body effects which start setting in around 5 min after smoking moon rocks and slowly intensify over 15-30 minutes and lasting up to a couple hrs. So when people ask us, what the strongest delta 8 thc flower is, we always answer Delta 8 Moon Moon Rocks and Delta 8 Asteroids Buy here

coden delta 8 moon rocks

What’s the history of Delta 8 Moon Rocks?

The beginning roots of Moon Rocks is debatable, but it’s clear it originated in California around 1990 as an alternative method to utilize kief to increase the power and potency of cannabis. Since then moon rock manufacturing has evolved to more carefully considered methods and has gotten to the point where we’re making Frankenstein-esque monsters. We make Delta 8 moon rocks with the exact same method we use for delta 9 moon rocks, the only difference is that d8 starts off with premium hemp flower marinated in delta 8 thc distillate, and then rolled in kief which gives the overall product higher amounts of terpenes and multiple cannabinoids creating a trifecta effect boosting the the intensity of the base nug.

Some people argue that the originator of the The original delt 8 thc moon rocks, the kind that come from weed not the moon or ecstasy, was the dispensary Starbudz760 from California. It’s also argued that the infamous West Coast rapper “Kurupt” and Legendary Snoop & 2Pac Collaborator, was the one who made the product popular and trademarked what is now known as Kurupt Moonrock as leafly points out. Whether, moon rocks made on earth started with Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock or not, the one thing we do know is professional rappers, Wiz Khalifa, and Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah had a major impact on these space nuggets popularity. A surprising note to all of this is that the dog father himself, Snoop Dogg, the smoke king surprisingly seems to find these alien rocks a little too punchy for his liking, however we promise you these kief covered buds taste better than delicious cake.

If you want to know more about Kurupts story with moon rocks check out this High Times article.

Wiz Khalifa smoking D8 Moon Rocks

How can I smoke Moon Rocks?

Although it might seem obvious, the kind of Moon Rocks we’re talking about are not the ones seen in your favorite episode of Rick and Morty, however similar to Rick you will enjoy these when smoked in a glass pipe or bong, however there is nothing stopping you from rolling these little time travelers up into delta 8 joints or blunts. The sticky d8 distillate that binds the kief to the flower is why we prefer glass. Some people get around the stickiness by combining moon rocks with CBD or CBG isolate, a white powder like substance which is also known as Delta 8 Asteroids which we also sell here. These add another dimension to the kief and delta 8 flower creating a little different euphoric feel. We recommend trying out both moon rocks and asteroids to see which you like better, its a toss up for us:)

Rick and Morty smoking coden moon rocks out of a bong

Another thing some people do is crumble and sprinkle moon rocks on top of their delta 8 thc flower bowls. Some consider this the best topping for delta 8 thc flower and prefer smoking it this way, but it’s up to you. Another cool effect delta 8 moon rocks create is fat thick clouds of smoke. As the moon rock nugs are heated up they sometimes bubble a tiny bit because the density of the sticky oil covered in kief that’s encasing the nugs. This oil can get extremely hot and combined with the flower it can cause a beautiful melting effect, filling your lungs with massive amounts of smoke as well as a potent punch, this is why we highly recommend you inhale slowly so you don’t cough it all out.

Exact instructions for smoking delta 8 moon rocks

Disclaimer if you do smoke Delta 8 Moon Rocks they will GET YOU HIGH! Be careful with these, do not drive or operate any heavy machinery, do not use this product if you are under 21, follow the law. It you can always smoke more, you can not smoke less, so its best to start off slow and wait some time to see how you feel before jumping on the rocket ship.

Barack Obanga smoking coden delta 8 moon rocks

How does the high from Delta 8 Moon rocks feel compared to Delta 9 THC?

Some people ask does Delta 8 flower get you high? The truth is, it really does! It’s one of the best legal ways to get high… federally legal ways to get high that is. It’s a little bit mellower then delta 9 cannabis, but it still raises your spirits, and has all the same benefits of regular marijuana. Hemp flower marinated in delta 8 distillate covered in kief comes from the same mother plant, Cannabis, that delta 9 marijuana comes from, this is why it has similar effects. the moon rocks strain is similar feeling to an OG Kush with that chill vibe. The feeling is usually a little more relaxing and less anxious than normal marijuana strains, which is why many people prefer it over regular marijuana.

The Journal of Cannabis Research has done research showing that “Delta-8-THC may provide much of the experiential benefits of delta-9-THC with lesser adverse effects.”

We recommend checking that article out if you want to learn more about the effects of delta 8 moon rocks and the difference between delta 8 and delta 9 THC. feeling to expect from delta 8 moon rocks are, euphoria, relaxation, pain relief, and a light amount of cognitive distortion. Some people also report feeling much less anxious on delta 8 moon rocks than they do on delta 9 products. The relaxing and uplifting feelings are really quite pleasant.

What Does the Inside of Delta 8 Moon Rocks Look Like?

It looks like you you cracked open the code to happiness, the internal lock of gods gift to earth, the sticky stinky ticket for a discounted ride to the moon. This is a photo of the inside of a delta 8 moon rock nug cracked open just for you. When smoked these bad boys will send you to the moon of all moons, THE D8 MOON, where relaxing peace and happiness reside. God may be there, he may not, all we know over here is its a pleasent place to be and whether he’s there or not is something for you to find out, when you do please let us know! Did we mention the smell on the inside of these packs a dank potent punch! Get your ticket here before they all sell out!

Inside of a coden Delta 8 Moon Rock

Just to be clear we want to make sure everyone knows that the kind of delta 8 moon rocks we’re talking about are not ecstasy, nor are they crack, nor will they have you scratching your neck like Dave Chapel in a back alley with a powdered nose asking people “ya’ll got inny mo ‘dem moon rocks?” having said that, d8 moon rocks strain comes from a different breed of buds, and really is one of the best ways to legally get high. Because of the 2018 Farm Bill, Hemp flowers and anything extracted from hemp is federally legal. This is why you can legally buy Delta 8 thc, Delta 10, THCO, and THCP product off of codens shopping page and legally get as high as you ever have on the weed you bought from Psycho Eddy, the local drug deer around your corner. (yes that was a reference to the movie High School 2012, for a list of the other 25 bad ass drug dealer names in movies, including Tony Montana, check out this Complex Magazine article) ps do not use this product if you need to pass a drug test, just like the man above, you would not pass one, and not passing a drug test is no fun for anyone. also do not use this product if you have a serious medical condition.

This is Dave Chapel

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